Don’t forget this procedure when your homestay student moves. 

This is 『ホームステイ留学生の転居時、この手続きを忘れずに 』Is translated into English.  If you forget this, it will be troublesome, so let’s do it properly.  Then please.

(これは『ホームステイ留学生の転居時、この手続きを忘れずに。 』を英語に訳したものです。 これを忘れてしまうと面倒なことになるのできちんとやっておきましょう。 それではどうぞ。)


Homestay international students do not have to do anything if they return to their home country after the homestay period, but if they leave the homestay and move to another place, take a little procedure. It will be useful if you leave it.

Homestay international student for long-term stay

Homestay students staying in Japan do not enter a resident card and do not register in Japan during a short stay period of 3 months or less, so meals and room care when the host family is just staying at home If you do, there is no problem.

However, if you are a child of a long-term stay who will stay longer than that, you will need to register as a resident, join the National Health Insurance, join the national pension, and pay tax (although there is no tax payment if you have no income). You.

Hospa has followed up to the government office with children who are not fluent in Japanese, listened in Japanese, and interpreted and translated it in English, google, line app, etc.

After completing these procedures, you will receive mail from long-term residents from various public institutions, but basically, if you receive the mail when you are at home, deliver it directly, We put it under the door of the room or put it in front of the door for deliveries that do not enter there.

Mail after leaving

・ Some foreign students who stayed at my home left my homestay in Japanese life, and this time I left my home because I wanted to experience a share house.

The ping pong and the intercom will sound, and when you go out, you will see the post office and the postal items are written in Romaji.

The sender is from the ward office, where the words “simplified registered mail” and “no transfer required” are displayed. Apparently the contents seemed to have a National Health Insurance card.

The postman asked me, “Do you live with this name?”, And he said, “The person has left.”

“I know where the child moved, so let me receive it this time and send it to my new address.” Because it is a simple registered mail, it may not be possible if it has been moved and it is received today but it will not be possible, so it can not be done. “

If you’ve ever moved, you know from experience that you’ll need to go through a post office when you move, but most of the international students who come to Japan don’t know.

I told this process to the international student who had already left my house and said, “If you do not take the transfer procedure at the post office, you will continue to receive your mail here. I will receive and send you You should take the transfer procedure as soon as possible. “

Another procedure is moving your resident card. You can transfer your resident card at the nearest government office, get a move-in notification at the ward office that controls the new address, and you can take the procedure at the same ward (city) office within the ward.

In some cases, documents such as this insurance card may be required urgently, so if the move has been decided and the next move has been decided, it is good to have the mail transfer procedure earlier as soon as possible. It was an event that you learned.


If your homestay child is relocating to Japan instead of returning to Japan, help them complete the relocation notice before moving!



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