What is the host family’s weekend (holiday) schedule like?

This is the English translation of『ホストファミリーの週末のスケジュールはどのようなものですか?』.The original was written by Hospa, and Hosma translated it with a translation tool.I’m sorry if my English is weird.
Now that I’m forced to spend time indoors due to the new coronavirus, here’s what a normal weekend looks like when it’s not. It’s time to be patient now so that I can get back to my usual life quickly. So here you go.



If you are a working adult, there are some jobs where you have weekday offs instead of weekends and holidays. However, if the student is a homestay student and goes to school in Japan, the holidays are usually weekends and holidays.

I would like to write about the activities of homestay students on weekends and holidays and the schedule of the host family.

A weekend morning.

Hospa is in his thirties, and I remember being sleepy in my teens, and when I was a bachelor in my twenties, I had to work hard on weekdays, so I would sometimes take a break and eat up some sleep on weekdays.

However, since marrying my beloved Hosma and having Chubby’s, I’ve gotten into the habit of waking up relatively early, even on weekends, and my body has gotten used to waking up as much as it does on weekdays. I don’t eat breakfast because I don’t have a good appetite in the morning, and I don’t know if the students have the same principle or not, but basically they don’t get up in the morning to eat breakfast.

They often spend their weekends relaxing, sometimes waking up before noon and eating breakfast prepared by Hosma with their lunch.

Homestay students who are still in their twenties often go out with their school friends or girlfriends in Japan to the downtown areas (Roppongi and Shinjuku) on Friday nights, and on the day after drinking too much alcohol, they may wake up and say “Atamaytay”.

Weekend at the Indoor

School On weekends, if you are an indoor student, you may be holed up in your room to study!When I checked it out, I found that it was bought at a manga cafe in Nakano!I sometimes read a manga written in Japanese with the words “I’m going to read this” while lounging on my bed.

Even though we are from different nationalities, what we do is not so different from Japanese students and it is interesting. I don’t know if it is Akihabara or where I bought it, but I sometimes make Gundam plastic models while I put a female figure of a certain anime next to it.

He seems to be very good at playing in his room because he is an indoor person.In short, it’s Geek.However, it’s strange because you can’t tell that from the outside.

Even international students who like to go outdoors will come on board if you tell them in advance that you are going out on the weekend.However, even these people can be surprisingly active when it comes to events that they share a common interest with their good friends.

When it comes to dinner time, they come to the living room quietly and have a meal together.

Active International Student

Weekend In the case of active homestay students, if you invite them to an event, they will say, “I’m going out with my friends that day.I’ll be in Shibuya that day.I’ll be at the event that day.There are times when they are turned down.

They make their own plans and work actively, so as a host family, you only have to pay attention to their safety, and to be honest, it is easy.

In the case of one of our homestay students, he went out on almost every weekend, and in some cases, his homestay period ended because he and his host family never went out together.

However, she still seemed to be enjoying herself, so I realized that there are children who are self-motivated and willing to take action.(Incidentally, I have the impression that many of these spontaneous children are American citizens.)

Another child said, “I haven’t decided where I’m going to go today, but I’m going out.Destination?There were active international students like Snufkin who said, “I’ll think about it after I get on the train,” depending on their mood at the time.

In the case of indoor homestay students, dinner is usually eaten at home every time.However, if your child is active, you may receive a call just before dinner saying “I don’t want a meal today” even though Hosma is making dinner for him or her, so it might be a good idea to check in advance whether or not there will be a dinner for the weekend so that you don’t waste food.

As a host family side

On the host family’s side, when it’s a real children’s event, we go out with just the family and say, “I’m sure they won’t have much fun if we bring the international students here,” but this is the kind of fun that adults and kids can have together!I’ll ask them to go to a festival or JAZZ concert with me, and if they want to go with me, I’ll go out and have fun with them.

Week after week, we organize events for homestay students!This means that I am not physically exhausted and I am not doing it.However, it’s a weekend style where we give advance notice at the time of the event and take the kids who are interested to go out and spend time with us.

Even though they are host families, they are human beings.Sometimes I go there because I’m excited about an event, other times I’m tired from work and just relax at home on the weekend.When I want to rest and relax at home, I sometimes take a nap in my bedroom.

There are times when I set aside some alone time to read.I’ve been recording and playing back a lot of TV at once.Some people, like Hosma, like to devote their weekends to making sweets when they have time.

Sometimes they go out with the homestay students, sometimes they stay at home and sometimes they stay at home and relax, depending on their physical condition, events and schedules.

When I go out, I will tell them if they are interested in the event and if they want to go, I will go with them.If not, spend your time on your own.I feel like that’s often what I do on weekends, rather than my schedule.

Host families don’t just entertain homestay students by planning a hospitality plan week in and week out.We try to spend our weekends in a relaxed, natural way, with a sense of distance and relationship that they and we can enjoy, and sometimes build memories.




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