I don’t know if it’s a culture gap

Hi, this is Hosma. The following is a translation of the past article “カルチャーギャップなのかよくわからないもの”. There are things that you haven’t thought about at all, but that they aren’t useful at all. Please read it.
(どうも、Hosmaです。 以下は過去記事『カルチャーギャップなのかよくわからないもの』を翻訳アプリで翻訳しました。気を使ったつもりが全然役に立ってないことってあるんですよね。それではどうぞお読みください。)


Hosma, who doesn’t like rain, sends it from Tokyo, which has been raining.

I avoid going out on rainy days, but I can’t say that at work.

Working in the cold is harder than ever. At that time, I want to warm with warm rice. Oden, stew, meat bun etc. Hot rice is justice!

Today, I would like you to eat warm food while keeping it warm and cold food while keeping it cold.

By the way, our international students are quite active. When eating outside, LINE says, “I don’t need to eat today.” But when I do not eat food outside, LINE says, “I will be late going home but I will eat food.” In such a case, we will eat the rice by ourselves and leave the international students in the refrigerator.

At home, side dishes are served in a basic one plate. Except for soup and simmered foods, stir-fried foods and salads with less juiciness have main dish and side dish on one flat plate with tonkotsu, tonkotsu, and tonkotsu.

There is a bowl of rice miso soup on the left and right, and a flat plate in the middle. Actually, it may be better to arrange them in small bowls, but this one is easier to clean up. Hosma is practical.

The international students who came back late warmed their rice in the microwave and ate it. Maybe it’s getting cold, so it feels much better just because it’s warm. However, you want to eat cold food like salad as it is.

If you put it on one plate as it is, you will be heating the whole salad. So when I had rice in the refrigerator, I put only the salad in a separate plate so that I could eat the salad while it was cold.

However, I encountered a scene where my concern was betrayed. What a foreign student

He warmed the salad together! !! !!

Uh. There are hot vegetables, but it’s a typical cold salad with lettuce, tomatoes and baby leaf, right? So you? Don’t you mind? I don’t know if he’s special or what most kids don’t care because I haven’t seen if the other kids were even warming up to the salad.
But I was surprised.

My concern wasted … (´ ・ ω ・ `)

Well, from the next time, isn’t it okay to put it together? !! I thought positively! Hosma became thicker again. Besides, it’s easier for a child who doesn’t care so much.

While feeling the culture gap (?!), I am still driving as a host family today.




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