Homestay students and laundry

I recently asked an international student, “Does Hosma like to do laundry? The Japanese speak so happily of being able to do laundry. I’ve been told. Hi, I’m Hosma and I don’t like to dry my clothes but it’s okay to fold them. I’m sure the weather forecast said “It’s OK to dry your clothes outside today! It’s a good day for washing clothes. . People who just like the sunny weather to clean up the accumulated dirt (laundry) and love to do the laundry itself. are in a very small minority, I think. I would suggest a washing machine with a dryer. I’m going to preface this with a long post. The following is an article about laundry written by Hospa and put into English by Hosma using automatic translation It’s a thing. So here you go.
(最近留学生に 「Hosmaは洗濯が好きですか?日本人は洗濯ができることがとても嬉しそうに話す。」と言われました。どうも、畳むのはいいけど干すのは大嫌いなHosmaです。確かに天気予報とかでも「今日は外干しオッケー!お洗濯日和ですヽ(^o^)丿」みたいなテンションで、あたかも洗濯大好き民族みたいです。溜まっている汚れ物(洗濯物)がかたづけられる晴れが好きなだけで、洗濯そのものが好きな人は極少数派だと思います。乾燥機付き洗濯機を推しておきます。前置きが長くなりました。以下はHospa君が書いた『ホームステイ留学生と洗濯事情』を自動翻訳を使ってHosmaが英語にしたものです。それではどうぞ。)


Homestay students and laundry

If we have homestay students, who and when do we do their laundry and what do we do with them? ? The question arises.

The first thing I’d like to conclude is that this can be done by the host at the host’s initiative, and the host can do it. You can leave it to the homestay students. And I don’t want them using the washing machine at night because of the vibrating noise it makes! In this case, you can specify the time you want the washing machine to be used.

Introduction of a washing machine with a dryer

Do you guys like housework, I don’t really like Hospa. I don’t like to do any of the housework.

So, I wanted to cut down on the amount of time I have to do housework, and I also want to spend Hosma’s leisure time and to give the whole family a little more time to share (I can do what I want to do). I’ve been actively incorporating household appliances into my daily life to give me more time to do my chores. And it’s the same with laundry.

And it’s the same with laundry, cutting down on drying time and load time! In order to do this, we use a washing machine with a drum dryer in our house.

I highly recommend this one! Shirts, handkerchiefs and other items that don’t want to get wrinkled need a different approach, but rather than using a regular washing machine It also saves you time to hang them out to dry, so you can spend that time in your spare time.

You have a finite amount of time. You work to earn the bread you need to live. Then you turn that bread into time. Then you can use the time you get to do the things you love more. That daily accumulation of time is life. I feel happy if I can live my life in this way.

I feel that children in other countries have a different sense of laundry.

Some people, such as jeanists, try to get a good beard out of the jeans they’re growing, without washing them as much as possible. Some people try to wear them as much as possible, but in our house, except for suits, we basically wear clothes once. I have a washing style.

We also wash underwear, everyday towels and bath towels. I have to wash them twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, depending on the day. When you look at it, it’s not about wearing it once or washing it after use, but rather “regardless of how many times you wear it, wash it when it gets dirty. Some homestay students seem to have a strong sense of “I don’t have to do the laundry.

It is not necessary to use the washing machine, but some homestay students may find that the clothes they are wearing are There are times when I have a slight sweaty smell (like my body odor is seeping in). At that time, I think, “Hmmm, well, it’s a delicate thing to smell, so I’ll leave it to him. I think, “Hmm, well, the smell is a sensitive part, so I’ll leave it to him.

Some rich homestay students who come from houses with a housekeeper, for example, do not do their own laundry. Some children have the feeling that “I used an iron for the first time in my life! Some of the kids were happy to see him.

To be honest, I was afraid he would use the iron in the living room because I was afraid he’d be afraid of the chores he’d have to do. I had Hosma iron them next to me. It makes me think about how different the senses are, even when it comes to washing clothes.

Description of the house rules

When it’s just a couple and Chibby’s, there’s no need to make a statement about laundry. However, this is a shared life under the same roof with students from different cultures. Even if it’s just a matter of doing your laundry, you will have to learn how to do your laundry in Japan and your host’s home and do it at home as much as possible. You need to get them to blend in.

One of the specifics in the house rules regarding laundry is that you don’t hang your clothes out indoors. If you want to hang them out to dry, please do so on the roof balcony. If you want to hang your clothes to dry, please hang them outside on the balcony (roof balcony). This is the style of request and instruction.

However, not everyone follows the house rules. However, we at Hospa are tolerant of it. If you put too many restrictions on the rules, the homestay students will not want to live in the house. It’s a good idea.

Sometimes I tell my kids, as if to admonish them, “The washing machine has a convenient drying function.

The washing machine has a convenient drying function. The washing machine has a convenient drying function. If you don’t know how to do it, I’ll teach you again. But if you don’t want to hang your shirts in the dryer because of the wrinkles, for example, you can hang your clothes outside. I want it. Of course, I know I can’t do that. It’s a hassle sometimes. The reason we want you to hang your laundry outside is because we want you to hang your laundry in an indoor closet or something. When you hang them out to dry, moisture is released. This causes condensation and mold to form in the current season. Mildew can damage your house and is not good for your health. That’s why you have to use the dryer or hang your laundry out to dry. Please.

It’s not the kids who have been staying at our house long enough to talk about these things, it’s usually the ones who have just arrived in Japan. . So, to be clear, depending on the level of the other person’s Japanese, they may not understand you perfectly. But it’s important to have an attitude to communicate. But it’s important to have a communicative attitude.

Sometimes the other person doesn’t completely understand what we are saying, but they are still not very good at it. There are times when people are too afraid of your Japanese language skills to ask you to repeat what you said.

You should know that the other person may not understand what we said. I’ll give it to you. And more importantly, we have a new life abroad (Japan) that we are not used to. Let’s look at it a little more. It’s important to be aware of this.

If you can leave a laundry basket in front of the laundry room, I can wash the laundry.

It is recommended to leave a laundry basket for homestay students as one of the items in the room. You can do this by Also, you can explain to them that they should put the items to be washed in this laundry basket.

Once the washer with the dryer is turned on, it will run for about 3 to 5 hours, depending on the capacity. Then no one else can use it during that time. When we are doing everything from washing to drying, the other homestay students can’t use it, but it’s not Sometimes I ask, “Can you put the laundry basket in front of the washing machine? I’ll set it up for you and I’ll set it up for you when the Hospa’s are done with their laundry”.

And so far we haven’t had any problems with this method in our house. It’s going to be smooth.


As a host family, we treat the homestay students as if they were part of our family, but our family Washing is basically separate in

And you can have your clothes washed and collected by you. The frequency of laundry per person is about once or twice a week.

“I’ll do your laundry for you and fold or iron your clothes for you. I’ll put you back in the closet, if that’s okay with you,” said Hospa. before he started accepting them, Homa thought so too.

But when you have more than one homestay student in your home, it’s a bit of a laundry chore. We’ve settled on our current style for the sake of peace of mind and time for the hosts. It is very rare to find a homestay family in Japan.

Homestay families in Japan are very rare and precious. If there is an extra burden on the host, they will not want to accept homestay families. It is unfortunate that this is the case.

If you are interested in hosting a homestay family, please feel free to contact us. It is advisable to try and find a way of doing things through trial and error, referring to the case study.

I think it is a good idea to find a point where the host family and the homestay student can come to a compromise. I think it’s a good idea to make an effort at home. Let’s make an effort to accept homestay students for a long and thin period of time and to make an effort at home (laughs).



  1. I have a little garden and hanging out the washing on a sunny windy day is my favourite chore; looking at my flowers, hearing the birds sing, watching clothes and towels blowing on the line. BUT if it is raining I am glad to have a tumble drier. When we have my daughter staying with her two little boys the washing machine and tumble drier are on all the time!



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