Foreigners, the first public bath

Hi, this is Hosma.  The following is a translation of the previous article “ガイジン、初めての銭湯” by Hosma using a translation app.  The public bath is a lifeline and is open.  I’m putting up with a bath at home so that people who need it can go to the public bath.  There is a unique society, so it is one of the things that I would definitely like you to experience when you return to the original.So please read.(どうも、Hosmaです。 以下は過去記事『ガイジン、初めての銭湯』を翻訳アプリを使ってHosmaが英訳したものです。 銭湯はライフラインなので営業中です。必要な人が銭湯に行けるように、今は自宅風呂で我慢ですね。独特の社会があるので、もとに戻ったらぜひ体験してもらいたいものの1つです。それではどうぞ)


There is a program that you are the first to use.  Hospa in his thirties who is full of hearts and thoughts, “Ah, wow, are you okay? Isn’t that what your mom asked you? Isn’t you going in a different direction on your way home?”

No, isn’t it in Japanese’s DNA that it feels good to enter a big bath?  Today I would like to write about the experiences of Japanese public baths that I went to with my homestay students for the first time.

Three shower rooms in his house in Brazil!

Approximately 5 minutes from Hospa’s house to the nearest public bath, we will talk with a homestay student from Brazil while walking around.  Is there a public bath in your country?  How do you wash your body?  Oh, do you wash the bar soap by rubbing it on your body?  Isn’t it hard to leave soap on your body?  What a conversation and walk the way to the public bath.

In Japan, in general, there is only one bath in a family, right?  Well, there may be some toilets and baths in the mansion, but usually one.  Or there is a convenient three-point unit with a toilet and a bath attached.

When I asked him, “Why there is a bathhouse in a Brazilian house?”, He said that it was in one shower room.  Nana?  Upon further hearing, there is one bath with a bath for parents, one shower room for him and his brother, and one sauna and shower in the garden.  Why don’t you have three shower rooms at home?  I don’t think so.

what?  Did you come from such a rich family?  I asked.  However, I heard that there is a big gap between rich and poor in home Brazil, but a style house like him is not ordinary and rich.  Rather, it is said to be a middle class.

No, what is Quality of Life?  Hospa has talked a lot with people from countries across the sea.  Although Japan is economically rich, the living space in the central Tokyo becomes smaller and people feel that they cannot afford it.

People overseas (of course depend on the person) are enjoying life even if they aren’t that rich people.  This is why Hospa likes foreigners.  They feel like they are enjoying being alive.

I like being hot!  It seems that the temperature of Japanese public baths was hot

“Is the bath in Japan hot?” If you pierce it with a nail, “Okay, I like hot!”  I was wondering if that was the case.  About the public bath Take off your clothes, enter the washing area, wash the points to be washed, and then go to the bathtub.

Hospa also said, “No, it’s hot, it’s hot in the public bath! It feels good! I can get it up soon.” Well, homestay international students also liked that it was hot and I think it’s okay.  Tara, he doesn’t enter the bath at all.  I just pickled my feet.

The people who couldn’t see them helped me by saying, “I need to add water to reduce the temperature!”  And I thought that it was surprisingly the only homestay exchange student who was scared near the water faucet.

Maybe he’s soaked in a bath and warmed up to the core, his glasses tend to be cloudy, “Hospa! This is a boiled vegetable! I’m medium rare now!”  Come on! Lol. Brazilian, you haven’t been soaked in a bathtub at all! “

After soaking in a bath, bottle milk and 20 yen massager

It’s just that, so I want to give you a chance to experience bottled milk after taking a bath while having a Japanese public bath experience.  Taking bottled milk from the refrigerator and giving it to him and Chibi, Hospa did not curl up, but became a star and moistened the throat.

Is this the 1940s!  ?  Let the Brazilian sit on a massage machine that includes the season and insert two 10-yen coins.  A Brazilian that blends in with a shoulder-tapping massage machine that moves with a bouin.  Yoshiyoshi, I have been able to experience Japanese culture!  That is Hospa’s feeling.

The Brazilian, who enjoyed huge baths, bottled milk, and fossil massage machines, said, “Tanoshi Cutter! It’s okay to relax!”  I was happy to be in a big bath after a long absence.

I don’t go every day because I have a bath at home, but a public bath is nice.  Maybe my beloved Hosma didn’t have a body-washing towel, so it seems like she got a towel from an aunt who was nearby in the public bath saying, “What? Didn’t you bring a towel? I don’t use it.”  However, I still like Hospa even now when such human interaction has become convenient in the 21st century.

Guardian Grandpa
The public bath is a wonderful place, but be careful of the vintage grandpa at the beginning.  Since I didn’t have anything small at hand, “I want to do a massage machine, so please break this down to 10 yen and 100 yen.”

I thought it was weird, but Grandpa’s leader is quivering.  “Grandpa, please give me another 90 yen! I have passed 500 yen now, so I don’t have enough 90 yen!”, And he said, “I can’t do any money exchange!” (Laughs)

But, including that, a public bath is a fun place.  It’s Japanese culture.  I will take another homestay student with me when I come.  I was happy today.



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