Country of origin and sports skills

Hi, I’m Hosma. Here is the English translation of the past article”出身国とスポーツスキル
As usual, I’m relying on translation tools and not reviewing. This is a very colloquial sentence, so I’m not sure if it makes sense. So here you go.


Last weekend, the Hospa family went to a big park and kicked a black and white ball with Hosma, the kids, and the homestay students, who are willing to make almost anything if you give them a recipe.

For this soccer activity, Hosma made a picnic lunch box for us.

It’s a good thing she went to the supermarket in the morning to stock up on ingredients, but she forgot to buy some fried thighs, which is what she wanted to do.

For lunch, we served crispy senbei battered fried rice (this is also delicious) on the center, which was filled with a lot of love as a host mother.

An exquisite sandwich sandwiched between a goat and a cow with fresh French cheese, brought back as a souvenir by a French exchange student who had temporarily returned to Japan, is centered right and left.

The defense was diet-oriented sugar-free tea, excursion rabbit apples, and MADE IN BRAZIL bananas.

Eating lunch while breathing the fresh air under the blue sky is about 1.7 times more satisfying than eating indoors under normal conditions (compared to Hospa).

So we don’t eat here very often, but sometimes on our days off, we have a picnic outside and enjoy a lunch under the blue sky.

After getting ready, we moved to the square and started playing mini soccer.

Fill a plastic bottle with water, set it at a length of about 2 steps, make a goal, drag your feet around in a rectangle, draw your coat on the ground, and you are ready. It’s perfect.

We also need opponents, but since it’s a weekend, there are usually kids playing soccer or other sports in the area.

Would you like to play a mini game with me? Shalwee Sucker? If you get an OK, you can secure an opponent.

If you don’t talk to them with a cheerful voice and a mischievous smile, they may think you’re just a pervert in the company of a foreigner.

Our opponents this time were local ninth graders who had retired from the soccer team. I’m wearing a football spike and a uniform. There is no shortage of enemies.

This is a team of three people: a slim Brazilian in his teens, a Frenchman in his 20’s who started riding oil, and a Japanese Hospa in his 30’s who is very competitive.

Hospa has been playing soccer since kindergarten, junior high school and even as a member of society, he is used to playing futsal once in a while. In its own way, I understand the strategic move. I also belonged to a soccer club when I was in elementary school, and my graduation assignment was to be able to lift a tennis ball 100 times, so I have some ball-control skills.

A French exchange student, he has also coached a boys’ soccer team in his home country. He is able to create games, he is a good passer, and he has good defensive skills, so not only does he speak Japanese, but he is able to communicate with Hospa throughout his play.

And this time, a Brazilian homestay student. It’s his first time on a multinational team! His abilities are still unknown. Even a scouter wouldn’t be able to measure it. But he’s from Brazil, where the likes of Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar are all present, so you can count on his skills! No problem.

I wonder if they will win this time too.

The Brazilian star, the youngest teenager in the world, did not move at all.

Huh? Hospa had the ball and looked around for a pass to his fellow homestay students, but…

The Frenchman tried to create a flow with his hands this way and that, exchanging marks, but the Brazilian wobbled to the right and then to the left. Move into a position where you can’t pass.

Even when the ball is caught, it moves at a sluggish pace. Or rather, I can’t keep track of it. I was reminded of Earth Dramatic, which I had recorded and watched the other day, that you are a lark that moves around trying to keep its nest from being picked off by its natural enemies.

Even though Hospa has the ball, he doesn’t run to the course where I instructed him. If anything, he is less than Hosma, who is the babysitter for the children, the head chef of our multinational team, and the replacement player when Hospa gets tired.

I had heard him say, “I’m a Brazilian, but I can’t play football. I’m good at basketball!o。(; ゚∇゚)ノ_”

Yes, yes, I had heard about it, but I thought it would be Brazilian humility. But it was a game changer that made me realize that I meant it literally. I’m sure if we had hooligans to support our team, we would have destroyed the park. It’s a disastrous defeat, orz.

Even though they’re from Brazil, some Brazilians still suck at soccer! Surely he may not be able to dance the samba very well. There’s no way a man who can’t handle a soccer ball in Brazil can color the fierce and sweetly raunchy rhythms of the samba, and about five scales fell from Hospa’s eyes and his gills puckered.\\ (゜ロ゜)

Just because you’re from France doesn’t mean that everyone is good at whispering the word “je t’aime je t’aime” in love, and not everyone, even the Japanese, is a sumo wrestler. Rather, such is the minority. Just because you’re from Brazil doesn’t mean you have good football skills.

Or rather, I found out for myself that there is something inferior to the Japanese thirty-something host mother, Hosma. It was not to be expected. I guess this means that my preconceived notions have been defeated.

That’s something you shouldn’t judge your sports skills by your country of origin. He’s good at basketball, apparently, so we’ll try to play basketball together at some point, which is what he’s good at. Yeah, I need to get a basketball first. In this way, we have a lot of sporting goods in our house.



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