Alive as a host father

The roots of people doing host families may be largely the same, but today I would like to share the value of Hospa’s personal host father life.

Every day I can bite on the happiness of a dream becoming a reality

I would say from the beginning that this may be something that the general public’s host family feels. Surely this may only be felt by Hospa. Because this activity (homestay acceptance as a host family) that I am doing is Hospa’s life work.

I wrote this before in this article(Reason why our house started Host family in Tokyo (Hospa side point of view) but for Hospa, accepting a homestay was a start from a teenage dream, and now I am myself. Every day I want, I can live a life. It is not a temporary feeling of happiness but has a taste like beef jerky or squid that you can bite everyday
It’s life.

So, the good thing about Hospa’s acceptance of homestay is that you can live your life with the happiness of your dream. I will continue this activity from now on. Because I just like it. It will be connected next, but I also find the meaning and significance of being useful to others because I like it.

I think I can contribute to society by using my abilities.

What are people? If you work too hard, you will lose your life. Is it because I don’t feel like I’m living my life and time? However, when I was too busy and wanted time and time, I eagerly requested it, and when I actually got it, I felt that it was boring and boring this time.

I once talked to a wealthy person who has the time and money to reach a certain retirement age, but I retired from the company and received a certain retirement allowance. At first, I enjoyed playing golf, but I get tired of doing it every day. And every day I don’t work, there is no competition. I’m taking a break from walking my dog. He said he would appear several times a day (laughs).

It may be possible for people to feel that they have a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and fulfillment by being able to feel that they can be useful for people (or dogs !? Third parties). Hospa lives in Tokyo, can speak English a little, and wants to accept international students from the life he has lived. He has started to think that it is useful for his homestay child.

It is useful for people who have a certain existence. alive. You can find value. I’m happy. I wrote that social contribution was a big mistake, but I think that it is part of the happiness of Hospa’s host family that I can actually experience helping someone. I feel so.

I’m happy to be connected with people

I wrote “I’m happy to be able to connect with people,” but isn’t it troublesome to connect with people? I’m tired. Opinions sometimes collide. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable with someone you don’t like.

But if you don’t connect with people, you can’t live, and if you don’t connect, you can’t connect and you’ll feel lonely. If you really want to go alone regardless of people, you should wear survival techniques, buy mountain land, make it your own property, and live in there, Hospa I haven’t reached that far.

Human relationships are really troublesome, but by connecting with people, I feel that the other person is also alive and I am alive. Although not a co-dependent relationship, homestay international students require a host family, and homestay children are required for the host family to be a host family. It’s a relationship where we need each other and help each other. And there are actually some things that make me happy.

You will be satisfied with the experience of running on different rails than people.

Ordinary life is boring, no, before that, what is normal? Do you have a certain view of life that you live in Japan? Running on the laid rail is not the normal way of life. As one of them, it is not “normal” to live and live with the family alone.

At Hospa’s home, I usually have multiple homestay students living together with their values, and I feel that “something is lacking today” if one of the homestays does not go out.

I think it is common for most Japanese families to live with their families alone. There are probably few home families. Do what people are not doing. He steps into an unexplored land that no one has ever stepped into. Isn’t this exciting because there is romance? Oh, right? Won’t you? sorry.

Home becomes lively.

Hospa and Hosma’s homes have grown up in a family with many families compared to ordinary Japanese families. So I’m used to living with a large number of people. Hospa, on the other hand, knows the loneliness and loneliness of a single era when he is about to enter Cinderella time at midnight in a dark, one-room room without electricity, or when he comes home at a past time.

In the case of Hospa, I hate being so lonely. I like a sloppy family even if there are some inconveniences and inconveniences. And if there are homestay international students, that will come true. They are two birds with one stone that fulfills their wishes, but also the wishes of international students who want to live in Japan as a homestay.

One person has 24 hours a day, so if you live in a majority of share houses and try to get along with everyone, the relationship with each and every one will be shallow. It would be nice to have shallow relationships with many people, but Hosfa prefers a narrow and deep relationship, and I am happy that the relationship is further matured.



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