This is the first meal for homestay guests

Hi, this is Hosma. The following is a translation of the previous article “ホームステイを迎え入れる初日のご飯は必ずコレDA!” by Hosma using a translation app. I always add this annotation, but it means “This English sentence is not supervised by Hospa.” In other words, it may be strange English, I’m sorry.😢
” I translated it! ”,” I’m great!” That’s not the case. Then read on😄


At home, whether it’s a form or a ritual, I always use “Japanese curry” for the dinner of the first homestay student coming to my home.

This is kind of like baptism, and the children of the homestay used to eat their homeland meals until then, but when they live as a homestay at their home in Japan, the Japanese usually eat it. It means that we will eat Japanese food together.


Homestay international students are uneasy on the first day of their arrival in Japan, and their appetite has also decreased. In some cases, it is a meal in a sleepy state due to the time difference. Some of them may have the image of Japanese food, such as “sushi”, “Tempura”, and “Sukiyaki”, but home cooking that we usually eat every day is different.

Suddenly, some homestay international students are surprised when they come with a Japanese breakfast set, natto, umeboshi, bran pickles, okonoko, raw egg, mekabu rice and miso soup. You can’t really understand if Hajimete’s food is seasoned differently than it was in your home country.

I dared to write this example of rice in an easy-to-understand manner, but I wonder if the meals that Japanese people usually eat should be tried by people overseas. There seems to be something I think. (Example: monja, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, oden, etc.)

As a result, I tried various things that homestay international students can eat at home without hesitation, and as a result, Japanese curry seems to be relatively tasty even for people in Western Asia.
And since my family was very busy on the day of welcoming homestay students, it was easy to cook and happy to eat, so the first day of accepting homestay students was curry.

I heard that this Japanese-style curry rice is not distributed overseas, and French curry is more yellow (probably because of turmeric spices) and is often eaten with chicken. However, there seems to be some Indian-style curry that has expanded into Japan.
(Really, Indian! The actual manager may not be Indian …)

Even in Brazil, curry showed me something “like curry,” not the Japanese style curry rice style, but I didn’t really understand it. If you have a recipe, Hosma-chan will recreate it for you!

No, if you look at Cookpad, there is also Brazilian home cooking “Faison”, so let’s have Hosma make it and ask the Brazilian who is actually staying at home directly for their opinion. . Hosma-chan, please try again this time.

[Brazilian style curry]


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Doing a host family, three good things (Hosma)
Alive as a host father
October 11, 2017 11:57 PM
Nice to meet you. I had been taking care of my host family for three months in Germany more than 10 years ago, and I read it back in my nostalgia. When I arrive in Japan, I feel like it will be one of the first curry and rice that I will never forget.

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Tokyo Hostfamily
October 13, 2017 9:43 PM
Nice to meet you.

Homestay experience in Germany will surely be an irreplaceable experience for Sachie
I think it’s affecting your own identity.

It was over 10 years ago that I studied abroad and was taken care of by my host family at the time.
That led to the present and is the basis for launching such an HP. Spin from this warp yarn
The thread on the side is also irreplaceable and gives you a warm feeling. Thank you for commenting.



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