What we gave to our homestay students and what they brought to us

Past article “ホームステイ留学生に持たせたもの、持ってきてくれたもの” was translated into English using a translation tool. (by hosma).It’s a very rare opportunity to have such a cross-country exchange. It’s a shame that we are now forced to refrain from interacting with them due to the new coronavirus.
So here you go.
過去記事「」ホームステイ留学生に持たせたもの、持ってきてくれたものを翻訳ツールを使って英訳しました。 (by hosma)こういう国を越えての交流ってなかなかないことなので嬉しいことです。今は新型コロナウイルスの影響で交流を控えざるを得ないのがとても残念です。


Homestay students who are staying in Japan for a long period of time may take long vacations, such as the school’s spring, summer, autumn, winter and New Year holidays.

Some students go back to their home countries temporarily, some stay in Japan all the time and concentrate on studying at home from morning to evening, some go back to playing and reversing their days and nights, and some go on short trips to see the sights of Japan.

Homestay students temporarily returned to their home countries.

In the middle of September, a French exchange student who has been staying at our house for a long time with his children, returned to his home country temporarily during the mid-term break of the Japanese language school.

He said that he wanted to meet his parents, introduce his Japanese girlfriend (she went with him to France), and celebrate his sister’s birthday, so introducing a Japanese girlfriend to his parents will be a marriage course in the future! When I shook my head, he said, “That’s not true.

I don’t know what the future holds, but if one day in the future they have a wedding in Japan, I would love to invite them to it, and I would love to celebrate with all my heart.

However, even though he is in a good age in France, he may have been working hard in his home country, but his current status in Japan is still a student, and his girlfriend is about to become a member of society, so I hope they can build a good relationship with each other by keeping a good distance from each other.

Things I let my homestay students carry

Since it was his sister’s birthday and he wanted to come back to celebrate it, I decided to give his sister, who is a homestay student at a good age, something to bring her as a gift, so I went to look for something good in Nihonbashi.

Well, when you’re deciding what to buy after you’re there, you think about other things than what you’re going to buy. Even though Japanese lacquered chopsticks and tableware are used in Japan and other Asian countries, they are not used every day in the West. One set of tableware may not be enough for you.

How can you use Japanese Omotase Miso or my favorite Kuharahonke Kayanoya’s seasonings when they are written in Japanese? It may not be used, and it may be forgotten as it is. Even more, chopsticks and seasonings are not sexy for a good French girl in her twenties.

If it’s sweets, it’s good, and I thought about Japanese chocolates or perfumes that I can feel Japanese style, I’m sure they are the home of chocolates and fragrances, and the quality is much higher, and if your sister is on a diet or you have your own favorite scent, they don’t look at you.

After thinking about it, I gave her a set of furoshiki with Japanese tourist spot designs and an instruction manual (English version) to help her use it.

For his parents, my favorite Japanese sake, which is crisp and crispy when chilled in the freezer.

We prepared “Eight seas moutain” and asked them to take their son with a hand-me-down with the feeling of “We are taking good care of your precious son here.

Things the homestay students brought to their host families

After he returned to France, he came back to his second home in Japan. When there are many people in the house, there is a lot of excitement and excitement in the house. How was it back home after all these years? Were their parents surprised at her taking them? He was asking questions in rapid succession.

He came from France and brought a gift for us, a homestay!

One of the happy things about hosting international students is that they receive souvenirs of their country.

It is also the case that

In particular, Hosma and I love to eat rare and unusual foods from abroad, so we have a keen interest in foods, foods and sweets that we can’t buy in Japan. Even in today’s modern world of the Internet, there are still many things that you can’t buy without actually going there.

His souvenirs were wine and champagne, cinnamon rolls from neighboring Switzerland, nougat and chocolate, and a new FRESH cheese in the process of being made! There is quite a bit of that too.

If you eat all the sweets at once, you’ll get a sugar high, so I took one of the chocolates to give to my kids, though only a little at a time. It may be that the ingredients are different from Japanese chocolates, or that the taste of foreign chocolates is slightly different from Japanese chocolates.

The cheeses are also large in size, so a normal family would not be able to eat them all.

How long is this going to take? But I love to eat, and with multiple international students

In our house, where we live together, it is quite easy to lose.

It makes the person sending a souvenir happy to think about what will make the other person happy, and it also warms the heart to receive a gift with a good feeling. Forcing homestay students to bring souvenirs like this is very tactless, and of course we never do it.

However, there is something touching about communication where we give them something that expresses our feelings for them and they take the time to bring us a souvenir that will make us happy. This is also a byproduct of the host family’s happiness, a moment when you can feel the connection between people.




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