Hey! prematurely flying Brazilian

This article was written by Mr. Hospa, who wrote “Hey!Too Early Flying Brazilian”.Hosma translated it into English using a translation tool.
Hospa and Hosma were both a little scared when the Brazilian showed a surprising behavior.He is the only person who has done this before or after.Don’t let a good international student imitate him!
So here you go.


When was the first time you ran a short distance in earnest for competitive purposes?I think it was in kindergarten.

Stand by, Don! If you run in front of Don, you are flying and you have to start over.In some cases, you will be disqualified.

I didn’t get disqualified this time, but I’m going to include a little episode of our family’s Flying Brazilian exchange student.

Basically, the length of time a homestay student will stay with a host family is set from the beginning.And once I have a start, I know when and on which flight to arrive at which airport in Japan, what route to take to my home, and where to pick me up.

So, basically, the host family can move according to the situation.However, sometimes there are students who are so unpredictable that such an ordinary case may not work.That’s the Flying Brazilian I mentioned at the beginning.

She’s a teenage nori from Brazil who is still staying at our house.I don’t want to give you a name, so I’ll just call him “Flabry”, the Flying Brazilian.
It’s a very charming nickname, just like Gari Gari-kun.I liked it.

Flavri and I had talked about picking him up at a certain place one day.
I guess I’ll just have to go up there again as usual.Mr. Flabry, welcome!Let’s go with the placard!I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of girl this time”, I thought…

I think it was around ten o’clock the night before that, and suddenly our intercom rang with a bang.Who is it at this hour?

I thought it was too late to send a courier service, but when I responded, the taxi driver didn’t expect it.What do you mean?I listened to him with a sullen expression…

A man named Columbia is looking for Mr. Hospa’s house. Are you sure this is the right place?he says.

Hospa is me and this is Hospa’s house, but I don’t know anyone called Columbia.And what the hell is this?A new scam?The taxi driver looked at me with suspicious eyes, and I asked him to pick me up there.

I don’t know if I’m a friend of the kids who are staying here now or not.When I returned to the living room, thinking, no, wait, that’s not possible!I hurried back and looked for the alleged taxi, but it was parked a bit in front of the house.

Excuse me, is Columbia, by any chance, named Flavri-kun?I asked a western-faced girl who was getting in a taxi, “Are you a hula-buri?He replied that it was so.The name Columbia was just another name for Flavri.That’s what I’m talking about!

That’s right, an international student who was supposed to come the next day came to my house by taxi from the airport the night before the scheduled date.There are many surprises, bewilderment, and confusion in accepting homestay students, but I was surprised because this was the first time they came in ahead of the scheduled date.

However, it is Hospa who accepts most things with a warm eye.We were ready to welcome him the next day, so my heart skipped a beat at the unexpectedness, but we have our bedrooms set up, cleaned, and ready to accept him.

You’re totally welcome, even if it’s just a day early!So I carried my suitcase to my room and ended the day by saying, “Take a rest today.

It may be related to the airplane, and in some cases there may be a time difference between the home country and another country.In Brazil, which is located in the northern hemisphere and is in winter when Japan is in summer, Saturday in Japan must mean Friday (no wonder!).

So, even if you know when the homestay students will come, there is a possibility that they will come before that day.By the way, the first time he was slapstick, he is still sometimes slapstick as ever. o(^^^o)




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