What kind of room should I have for the homestay?

This is what Hospa wrote earlier in 『ホームステイを受け入れる部屋は、どのようにすれば良いですか?』.I used an English translation tool called DeepL. So here you go.



Accepting a homestay means inviting a third party to live in your home, so you will need to prepare for this.But it’s very easy to do.Or rather, is this all you have?It’s like.

These are the three sacred treasures needed for a homestay room!

No.1. Bedding

If there are not enough seats for your child, you don’t need to prepare a new one.

The food is now OK, but with this new homestay student, we need to provide comfortable bedding for the child to sleep in.It doesn’t have to be a particularly good bedding.Even if it’s not a bed, Japanese style bedding, THE Futon, is sufficient.In Japan, it’s called futon.

In my case, we have several bedrooms and a bed in a slightly larger room (sweat).

In this day and age, mobile phones are a must, and I think there are many times when people are using a mobile phone instead of sleeping alcohol.I think the comfort is about as different as that of Mars and Suddenly, if there is no outlet at the head of the bed where you can charge your cell phone.A head outlet for charging your phone and a space for storing small items are all important.(C’mon, I wish I could put an image in here.)

We also bought a bed that has a storage space under the bed to give us a little more storage space.Compared to other countries, Japanese houses aren’t that big, unless you’re in a place rich in nature.It’s great if you can use a little space as storage.Make good use of the space under your bed!

Then there’s the mattress, which I chose a little better.Sleep is a 24-hour day, and sleep takes up 1/4 to 1/3 of the time.

We thought it would be better for the homestay students if they could rest their bodies after working hard on their activities during this time.(What they don’t know is that homestay students use better bedding than the ones they use.)

No.2. Study desk

Since most of the students come to Japan to study, it is essential that we provide them with a study desk where they can do their homework at school and study independently.Of course, we’ll get you a chair and a desk lamp to go along with it, too!

The thing I was careful about when I got this study desk was that it was not too big and not too small.
Of course you don’t need a big desk like the dane president’s desk that looks like a corporate representative of a big company, and it’s too big for the room.

However, if your desk is too small to hold your notebooks and textbooks, your study will not progress and your academic ability will not improve, and you will end up with a bang. However, a study desk with a little room for your notebooks, textbooks, writing utensils, desk lamp, etc. will be sufficient.You don’t want more than that.

Also, when I bought that study desk, I was aware of the existing drawers.I’ve seen kits for setting up drawers under desks at places like Tokyu Hands, even if they don’t have drawers.I think this is also very useful.(I want to put an image here too.)

However, as far as I know, this type has a weave and small items fall out of the drawer, so I can’t throw in erasers, pencils, etc., and it would be too much trouble to install a new one, so I bought an existing one.(Laughs)

No.3. Air conditioning

The four seasons in Japan are wonderful, aren’t they?This makes you feel the goodness of Japan even more.Of course, there are four seasons in other countries as well, but I am fascinated by the Japanese four-character idioms of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

However, when you are in a room without air conditioning in the middle of summer and you are exposed to direct sunlight from the window, your forehead will start to sweat, right?

If you’ve been motivated to study, but you’re in the heat of the day, you may feel like, “Oh, I was motivated just a little while ago, but the sun has already dampened my enthusiasm.I think this is especially true in the teens and twenties.

Homestay students and others who have come to study at Japanese schools come to study.Let’s not let that motivation get in the way.An air conditioner that can adjust the air is important.

It’s hot in the summer, but Hosma also hates it when it’s winter and cold in the winter.And when it’s cold, do you write in your study notebook and your arms flail and turn into snake letters?((((((;゚))))

Maybe it’s not the case in Tohoku and Hokkaido, but in modern times it’s not the case in Tohoku and Hokkaido either, but even here in Tokyo it’s cold in winter.

If you were in the room at such a time, you would be blue.I don’t want to give the homestay students a bad feeling when they come to Japan.

Let’s keep them warm.Let’s warm your heart too!However, I’m worried about letting them use a gas stove, electric stove, or kerosene fireplace.

They don’t really care about switching off.There!Air Conditioning.If it’s an air conditioner, the only thing that hurts is our household if we forget to turn it off.Don’t worry.As a homestay student, it can’t help but be a little bit of a pain in the ass for your comfort.

They were the three sacred treasures of accepting homestay students.

Of course, there are other things that you should prepare, but for now, there are only “bedding”, “study desk” and “air conditioner”.Isn’t it easy?The more difficult it is, the higher the hurdle for acceptance.I think it’s okay to start with a minimum of “O-Mo-Te-Na-shi”.




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