How long are homestay students going to school?

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About 55% of people in Tokyo take one hour to commute (one way). In the city center of Japan, the average commuting time for Japanese university students who go to school from home is about 75 minutes. It is better to go to work and school a little short. * From Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), Student Life Survey (2012).

By the way, my home is living in the city center and I’m a host family, but homestay students staying at my home basically go to a Japanese language school in Tokyo. By the way, there are more than 400 Japanese language schools in Japan, of which nearly 190 are in Tokyo. It seems that almost half of Japanese language schools in Japan are located in Tokyo. (By the way, the number of Japanese language schools certified by the Japanese Language Education Promotion Association seems to be 108 in Tokyo.)

My home is located about 10 minutes on foot from the nearest station, so it takes about 30 to 40 minutes from homestay student to our nearest station to get to each school from door to door by door-to-door. I asked a child who had stayed at another host family’s house in the past, but I was taking care of a house in Kanagawa prefecture, but the school was Tokyo, so it took about an hour to go to school So, Hospa’s home was pleased with good access.

On the other hand, it is far from walking to the nearest station for 10 minutes! And there were teenagers in Thailand who were sick. It seems that there are places in Thailand where roads are not maintained like in Japan, and it is not beautiful. There seems to be a wild dog, so you have to be careful. If you are a little far away, you will often travel by a three-wheeled taxi called Tuk Tuk. When asked, “Would it be expensive to take such a taxi every time?”, It seemed that the fare was not as high as in Japan, and conversely, “Japanese taxis are expensive.

French people had a stance of saying, “I can walk at all, what?” If Japan is in the city center depending on the location, if there is a place where you can walk to the next station if you walk 10 minutes, there is a place like 30 to 60 minutes to the next station, so surely France is also living in the country area? The sense of time will be different depending on whether you live or not, so his sense of France is just for reference.

Another person is working as a member of society (self-employed) in his own country, and in Japan there was a student at a Japanese language school. I was so. (However, I was surprised at the height of the hourly rental parking in Tokyo. Even though Paris seems to be quite expensive.)

My home is located in the Tokyo area because this HP is named “Tokyo Hostfamily”, but host families seem to be able to do so in Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, etc. if door-to-door time is around 60 minutes. However, even homestay students always want to live in a convenient and safe place, so host families living in relatively convenient places seem to be in high demand.

It takes tens of minutes by car to the nearest station, more than 5 minutes by car to a nearby convenience store, more than 10 minutes to a supermarket, there is no neighbor within a few minutes walking from home, etc. I think it is very peaceful to live a normal life in a location. However, I like it and want to live it! Requests from homestay people will be thin.

On the other hand, households that mainly use “farmhouses” and “livestock” may be flooded with niches. We anticipate that there will be many homestay families in the city center, but if we can provide something that can meet the needs of homestay students, the location of the host family may not matter. .

There are many Japanese language schools outside of Tokyo, and those who live at such school distance, live in sightseeing spots, live near companies that actively accept interns, and cultural exchange If you live in a municipal office where you are actively doing, why not start a host family by opening a part of your home in the atmosphere of the times?

And how about adding a cross-cultural essence to your daily life while playing a bridge with children who are interested in Japan! Now is the time when the Internet is like this. If you send information with the desire to “play a host family”, you may find and match it. Let`s try doing Host family!



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