Homestay students pass the entrance examination and go on to higher education.(Hospa version)

This article is an English translation of 『ホームステイ留学生の入試合格と進学(Hospa編)
Today, I used a translation tool called DeepL.Is it easy to read?Please let me know if you feel any difference.So here you go.


If you don’t write anything, it’s better to write something.

Better to write something than nothing on paper.

Hospa side’s heartfelt statement

On March 24, 2020, I am writing on the Tokyo Host Family Blog for the first time in a long time.This time, the topic is “Acceptance and advancement to higher education for homestay students”, which is my first experience as a host family.

First of all, I started writing for my Tokyo host family for the first time in a long time.The reason for this is that Hosma uploaded a post on this blog using a translation app, and received a lot of positive feedback from all over the world, including “Likes” and “Followers”.

We don’t do it because we can’t enjoy ourselves if we are motivated to write because we want to be admired or acknowledged by others, but

It’s heartbreaking to think that there are people in the world who share our feelings and thoughts in the actual part of the process of removing makeup.

This blog is a secret between Hosma and me, but I’m not sure if it’s okay with me if I’m having a hard time at work.I’m the Hospa that the whole world likes when I get home!You can siphon off your drink with the(Translated by.)

The fact that it also resonated with the rest of the world made me think, “Huh?I thought that it would be more interesting if I could post articles in English as well as Japanese, which would increase the number of readers.

Incidentally, Japan’s population is on a downward trend, but it is estimated to be 125.95 million by March 2020.In contrast, the world’s population is 7.7 billion.If you send out a message in English, the response will be different because the population is 61 times different.

In Japan, there are 43 million people who use twitter.When people from all over the world endorse our work through this kind of website, it makes me happy to know that what we are doing is being endorsed.Thank you so much.

This is a very long preamble, but one of our long-term homestay students has been accepted to a vocational school in Japan in March 2020!So I’ll write it here as a record before memory fades.

He came to our house for the first time in the summer of 2016.I think it was about three and a half years ago now.

At the time, I had the impression that he was a shy kid who could hardly speak Japanese, but now he has a good score in the JLPT and will start studying the field he wanted to study at a vocational school with Japanese students in April of this year.

He has been staying with us for a long time, and when a new international student comes to our house, he takes the initiative to teach us the house rules and the detailed behaviors of our house, so we trusted him so much that we gave him the title of home stay student leader.We miss them, but we’re very happy to see the child who stayed with us start on the path of success.

From the point of view of his host family, he really feels like a part of the family since he has stayed with us for a long time.But it’s also a new page in his life that he’s starting a new walk with him.My own children are still very young, but through the experience of my homestay students leaving my home, I felt as if I was experiencing the experience of my children passing their exams and leaving my home.

Our time together and laughing together strengthened our bond beyond the barriers of host families and homestay students and will continue to do so long after he leaves our home.I’m so glad that I was able to do this kind of experience with my host family.

We would like to share this with our host families who are hosting a homestay somewhere in the world.

When a homestay student passes the exam, praise them on behalf of their parents back home and be happy.He left his own country, in a different country, worked hard, and finally had a ticket to a bright future.And you, too, are part of that child’s unforgettable and irreplaceable history.

In April, a new wind will begin to blow.May there be much happiness for the many students who are on the path of a brilliant life.Finish typing with love.

March 24, 2020.



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