Host family feelings

This is an English translation of an article previously written by Hosma. Delivered to English speaking people too! I thought and translated it into English. It may be a little strange English because it was just corrected by the translation application. But I think you can read if you have any compromise. Then please.


Einstein described common sense as “a prejudice collection worn by the age of 18.”

Good morning. The day before we meet the nice guys, Hosma is nervous and very nervous. It’s exciting when you meet people.

As a host family, I think about the spiritual part today.

It’s a hurdle just to live with others, especially if you’ve grown up in a different culture. Each person has different common sense. My common sense It is often the case that others are insane, and even Japanese people feel that they have different common senses. However, people who have grown up in the same culture often have relatively close common sense and similar common sense.

However, the difference in common sense between host families and international students is often greater than that between Japanese people. It is natural that the background culture is different, but if you forget it, living with international students will be a great penance. Humans are sensitive to things different from themselves

Conversely, if you know that the things we have and the things they have are different, the hurdles will go down.

Hospa often says, “I don’t think I know anything.” If you are worried, let’s tell at the time. Check it out if you don’t know. But it is difficult to confirm if it is only Japanese (> _ <)

When I accepted some international students, I realized that they should not trust their obedient “Yeah” or “Yes”. To be precise, it’s better not to just take the word and judge it.

Estimate their level of understanding based on their attitude, tone of voice, gaze, and time until they answer.

This is “I don’t know but it’s a” yes “for the time being,” or “I’m sure I know but it’s” yes “when it’s not transmitted, maybe.”

Foreign students are coming to study Japanese, so Japanese is not a master. Naturally, the story is hard to convey. But what is important in communication is the feeling of “I want to tell you” and “I want to understand you”. If you don’t have a common language, you need to be especially careful.

In my case, when I am dealing with international students, I try to communicate this feeling 30% more than when I am with my family. Some miscommunications can be pretended not to look like, “Is this a temporary relationship?”

Nevertheless, it’s still a big deal, so I’m going to get involved when I can afford it.

He responds with the feeling of “I want to understand” and “I want to convey” while thinking that it is natural and not obvious.

It is not always understood once communicated, and may not be understood correctly and may be forgotten. When there is no common language, patience is needed. Good luck! ! ! (^ o ^;)

I wrote so far and realized that this was nothing special. You have a basic mind in communicating with “others.”

Even if we talk about living with international students, it is all right. The teacher of the Japanese language school also said.

“The everyday of the host family is amazing for them.”

It is not necessary to serve Japanese food every day just because you are a host family. You don’t have to go out with your students every week just because you are a host family. Rather, international students are enjoying themselves in Japan and they often say, “I’m going out today, so I don’t need dinner.” Even when it’s time for over-mealed rice or when you can’t clean it, now that I’m telling you the real Japan, I’m glad I can make my heart … _ (_ ^ )

So my conclusion is

Normal life + calorie of communication x 1.3 = host family

It becomes. It may be good to add a spoonful of festive elements.



  1. I have friends who host foreign students and they always learn much from the experience while giving those students a chance to see life here in the United States. This is not an easy job but one that is rewarding. Thanks for helping.



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