Doing a host family, three good things and more! (Hospa)

※This is a translation of an article previously written in Japanese by Hospa into English by Hosma using a translation application. So it may be pretty strange English. For his honor, Hospa’s English proficiency is not unusual.
Then please!
(※これは以前にHospaが日本語で書いた記事をHosmaが翻訳アプリを使って英語に翻訳したものです。 なのでけっこう変な英語かもしれません。 彼の名誉のために言っておきますが、決してHospa君の英語力が変なわけではありません。


Hosma, in my eyes, now sees that the host mother is also on the board, and posted a page entitled 『Reason why our house started Host family in Tokyo (Hosma side point of view)』, saying, “Hosma felt like that when we started!” I was surprised. Even if we are going to talk about it,
I don’t know.

By the way, although it is not a problem that I did not understand before I started my host family, there are more opportunities to experience some inconveniences in life. To be specific, “there are times when you take a bath and you can’t get in when you want to enter,” “the bathroom may be crowded during busy hours in the morning,” or ” Expenses will increase for parties and purchases of necessary items. “

Also, I think of homestay children as a kind of family, but still I need to be careful not to talk in front of the homestay children in the living room, etc. It is difficult to go out for a relatively long time (such as a long trip), which is one of the inconveniences of the host family, which is different from living alone.

And sometimes when I’m tired of looking at Hosma-chan and want to make overcooked rice, I feel like I’m working hard saying, “I have international students and I’ll prepare meals!” That’s why I can’t put it in, “” If you have bones, you won’t eat them, so I’ll leave them without bones, “” Everyone will leave vegetables, it’s a lonely maker, ” It has been recognized as my life work with great cooperation. Thank you, Hosma-chan! I love you! !

Well, it is a host family that has such a lot of difficult things, but that kind of aspect
In my home, “This is a good opportunity to develop human skills! I can grow as much as there is difficulty!”
And of course, not only tough things, but also to many advantages. And today I will introduce some of them.

Part 1. Feel like studying abroad in Japan

Regardless of whether you are traveling in Japan or abroad, it is important to see things that are unique to the place and enjoy local food
It is a kind of pleasure of traveling, but I think that only people who have been there can interact with the people living there. If you work in Japan, you have limited time to travel, and you can’t travel to countries all over the world.

But if you say hosting, it’s like the world side comes to you. Moreover, many of the homestay applicants who come to Japan are interested in Japanese culture and are friendly to Japan. Conversation in unfamiliar Japanese language can be difficult at times, but since you can talk positively and in your native language, it is recommended for travel lovers, overseas culture lovers, people lovers, talk lovers, and noble attributes .

Part 2. Expand your field of view

For example, I didn’t know that France was a country where frequent long holidays could be taken before hosting French people as homestays. I also didn’t know about the modern situation in France, where Muslims are increasing, and that many people in Paris are travelers.

Also, until the arrival of Thai homestay children, Thailand had a strong image of a backward country, but in fact, the children who came to my home seemed to have two ipads and iphones I also learned that there is a culture in the house where there is a helper and does housework, and that it is common in a little wealthy family. It was a surprise that there was no kitchen at home.

When you welcome a child from French Tahiti, the Japanese anime culture has penetrated that much, and you want to read and watch anime and manga, and you want to learn Japanese to see it! I was surprised at the fact that there was a child with a passion for this, and I was surprised at the spread of Japanese anime culture to the world.
(“Dragon Ball”, “One Piece”, “Gundam” etc. are commonplace, and children who like anime are more addicted to Japanese than me and can’t keep up.)

If you talk about each world in the news, you can listen to their own thoughts, and your views will be broadened if opinions come out from a direction different from the common sense of the Japanese.

Part 3. Communication skills inevitably increase!

Not all international students who come to Japan can speak Japanese well. In addition, even if you have a high level of Japanese, your communication skills are not high. I don’t think many people like such delicate air, but they will be willing to talk positively because they want to provide a fun place as a host family.

“What did you study at school today?” “What do you do in your country at this time?” “What is your life in your country?” “It is more natural in Japanese in this way That naturally increases the chances to talk. Well, because it is a host, it is natural. This is surprisingly useful in everyday life, and when you notice it, your communication skills have improved. What is needed is the mother of improvement.

further! WW which takes care of children

This is a by-product, but if Hosma is preparing tomorrow for children after meals, or cleaning up dishes and washing dishes, etc. They came over and read, “Read the book!” And “Play!” It is helpful because they play with the children.

When it comes to children, whether you think of them as big brothers or older sisters, you are at a distance from the beginning when you come to our house, but again children are different from adults in how to shorten the distance I’m really into the pockets of international students. International students may not feel children like pets, but they are really helpful because they play with children who come back to themselves without adult conversation with a natural smile. . I feel like I understand the goodness of a family living with a large number of people such as grandpa and grandma.

I wrote some of the benefits of the host family, but basically they will enjoy life together, be interested in the other party’s culture, and support life in Japan! It seems that the other person will understand this feeling if you treat it with something like affection that wraps around. Also, I personally feel that it is hard to interact with people, but I am also a naive character that I am lonely without people, and I like to be a house that has been waived.

Even after the homestay period at home, there are still many children who have exchanges, and there are still exchanges of postcards even now. It is a modern day where cultures that are shallow and widely connected through SNS and other cultures are infiltrating, but even if they are not so wide, they can spend a lot of their lives together.



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