What should I prepare for accepting a homestay? ? (Latter half)

※This is an article that Hosma previously wrote in Japanese and translated into English by Hosma using a translation application. So it might be a bit strange English. For his honor, Hospa’s English proficiency is by no means bad.
(※これは以前にHospa君が日本語で書いた記事をHosmaが翻訳アプリを使って英語に翻訳したものです。 なのでちょっと変な英語かもしれません。 彼の名誉のために言っておきますが、決してHospa君の英語力がアレなわけではありません。)

Then please!


What do you need to start accepting homestay as a host family, following [last time]? Write the second half of

Basically, I think that the first half is enough, but the second half is, “I wish I had it,
The quality of life will increase. “

11 A space where international students can use sanitary goods in the washroom
12 hanger
13 cockroach extermination drug
14 fragrance
15 Secure a shoe storage area for international students to put in their feet
16 Set of tableware for international students
17 dining table + dining chair
18 trash can
19 storage case
20 Name plate on private room door

11 A space where international students can use sanitary goods in the washroom
The washroom in our house is a three-sided mirror type, but the space is well separated and the homestay children need what they need (cosmetics, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving, hair dryer, mouthwash), etc. I can put it. It is troublesome to bring it from your room every time you use it.

12 hanger
T-shirts, hoodies, etc. may be folded, but stylish children have a high percentage of shirts, and after washing in a washing machine, they should be ironed and hung on a hanger! Some children say. So I think that it is better to have about 10-15 hangers in each room.

13 cockroach extermination drug
He explained, “Even though you can eat and drink in your own room, do not leave the food in your room forever, because it will cause cockroaches and other pests in the summer.” Are not all neat. So, it is also a point that the host side should be careful, so in my home, 5 to 7 black caps etc. are set in each room with a slight excess set.

14 fragrance (air freshener)
When you return to Japan from overseas or get off an airplane overseas, do you feel the smell of that place? When Japanese live only in Japan, I think that there are few opportunities to notice the body odor of the Japanese themselves unless it is a crowded train, but when living with overseas people, You can see their unique smell.
Those who don’t mind are good, but in my home, I put odorless and fragrance-based fragrances that suit each place (entrance, toilet, kitchen room).

15 Secure a shoe storage area for international students to put in their feet
Homestay children who live in Japan for a long time may have more than one pair of shoes. In addition, it is necessary to teach a culture of “ take off shoes at the entrance in Japan and live without wearing shoes at home ”, so as well as refrigerated space and washroom space, We have a certain number of shoe storage areas.

16 Set of tableware for international students
Living with homestay children, of course, requires living utensils (especially glasses!), So you need a certain number of chopsticks, knives, spoons, forks, placemats and drink glasses. Also, if you are going to have a welcome party or a farewell party at home, you may be able to use a disposable plate for the party, but in my home, I purchased a certain number of dishes first so that I can respond. By the way, at this time, if it is “dishwasher compatible”, it is convenient because it can cut the time to wash many dishes, and if you unify the dish system, it will look good without falling apart.

17 dining table & chairs
A typical Japanese home is about 4 people, so it would be nice to have a table with 4 people and a chair for that, but depending on the room (bedroom) that can accept homestay children and the number of people who will accept it You also need to prepare chairs.

By the way, in our house, we connect two tables with four people so that up to eight people can sit. Even so, sometimes people come at parties and the table is not enough, so at that time I use a table of the same type and a two-seater type jointed further. It is convenient if the chair is a folding one.

18 trash can
Overseas garbage disposal situation seems to be different from Japan, but in Japan it is necessary to separate and discard garbage burned by each local government, non-burnable garbage, plastic garbage, styrofoam, cans, bottles, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, etc. There is. I will tell you the rules of trash disposal in Japan.

At first, you may be confused and throw away by mistake, but once you get used to it, it will be sorted out without any problems and thrown away. I think it would be nice to have a small trash can for homestay children to put their trash before sorting in their room.

19 storage case
If you have a storage case for children who live in Japan for a long time, I think that it is good for organizing. In our house, we also make it possible to store under the bed. When it comes to homestay children who come to our house, it seems that they are careless about organizing their rooms, and relatively many people seem to have their favorite things around as they like. .

20 Name plate on private room door
Finally, we order and attach a nameplate to the door of the room used by the homestay child, meaning that this will be a family member of our house. This is surprisingly good, and when I first come to my house, I am pleased with the feeling of “Oh !!”

Perhaps because they can recognize that they are “accepted, this is their living space.” Finally, when they finish their homestay period at home, they remove the nameplate as a souvenir in Japan and give it as one of the souvenirs of Japan.

These are the preparations for home at the start of homestay.

In the future, I would like to be able to connect with people who are also accepting homestays, so if you have any positive opinions or advice that says, “I am doing this at my home. I am pleased.” please!




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